Disability Employment

Financial incentives should be given to employers to help get disabled workers their foot back in the door, an MP has said.

Labour's boundary proposals

The Shipley constituency would be ripped apart under recommendations submitted to the Boundary Commission by the Labour Party.

Labour wants parts of the constituency to be included in Keighley and Shipley and parts in Airedale and Wharfedale.

Prisoners released on Christmas Day

Nearly 1,000 prisoners including dozens of murders were let out last Christmas to spend time with their family, an MP has uncovered.

Shipley MP Philip Davies demanded the feelings of victim’s families be put first and this was not allowed to happen again this year.

Labour Party response to halt of Local Plan

The Labour Party in Westminster see no problem building on greenbelt in Shipley and have criticised government for halting Bradford’s housing plans claiming it was a “mate’s favour”.

Statement on Next Steps in Leaving the EU

AN MP has urged government not to betray the British people, and said they should reject any attempt by politicians to undo the result of the EU referendum.

Urgent Question on Calais Jungle

Genuine refugees fleeing danger should stay in the country they come to first and not have to be taken to the UK to be processed, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies questioned Home Secretary Amber Rudd on why people would need to come to Britain given France is a safe country.

Broadband for Burley in Wharfedale

Residents and businesses in Burley in Wharfedale look set to benefit from superfast broadband coverage after an MP lobbied telecoms giant Virgin.

BT Public Meeting

Residents in Burley and Wharfedale will be able to question BT bosses about broadband coverage at an open meeting next week.

Teaching Qualifications in Secondary Schools

Thousands of pupils across the country are being taught by teachers who do not have a degree in their specialist subject and more than one in five teaching English or Maths have no relevant post A-level qualification, an MP has uncovered.