Business Question: Sharia Councils

Sharia Councils must be banned and Muslim women given the same protection as every other woman in the UK, an MP has said.

Job Centre Closure

AN MP has demanded government look at the local situation in Shipley before closing its Job Centre and merging it with Bradford.

Fixed Term Recalls

Criminals on licence are purposely getting sent back to prison for 28 days to make thousands of pounds selling drugs they bring in from the outside, an MP has said. 

Work on tackling dementia

Bradford’s social housing provider has been praised in Parliament for leading the way in dementia education.

Shipley MP Philip Davies hailed Incommunities, based in his constituency, for training its staff to support residents with dementia.


The people of Kashmir should be allowed a referendum on how they are governed just as the UK voted on its membership of the European Union, an MP has said.

Tensions between India and Pakistan continue to escalate over who governs Kashmir.

International Aid Spending

AN MP has demanded government re-think its commitment to overseas aid and spend the cash at home after he revealed eye-watering amounts of taxpayers’ money was being wasted on consultancy fees. 

Keighley Magistrates Court

AN MP has urged government to cut its losses and auction off Keighley magistrates’ court closed instead of wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money each month keeping the building closed.

Health Question on healthy eating

An MP has urged government not to be a “nanny state” and tell people what they can and cannot eat.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said no food in moderation was unhealthy.

European Council Statement

Theresa May has given her strongest hint yet that she will fight to ensure Britain does not pay any more money into the EU coffers after Britain leaves the European Union.