MP calls for more help for flooding victims

Many victims of the Boxing Day floods are still not back in their homes and must not be forgotten simply because the sun is now shining, an MP has warned Government.

Cost of translation services to the NHS

Airedale Hospital has spent nearly £200,000 in one year on translators for patients unable to speak or understand English, an MP has revealed.

Transport funding in West Yorkshire

Transport bosses in West Yorkshire should look to other areas to learn how to spend its money more fairly to benefit all communities, Government has said.

No second referendum

A second referendum on membership of the European Union is not going to happen and government must enforce the will of the electorate, an MP has warned.

Acceptance of the EU Referendum Result

An MP is demanding assurances from government a second referendum will not be held following last week’s vote to leave the European Union – urging everyone to accept the result.

Prison Population

Prison population will continue to grow unless we leave the European Union with numbers of foreign criminals soaring 20 fold, an MP has warned.

Parliamentary Procedure

AN MP has attacked calls by a Scottish MP to change how Parliament is run and said scrutinising legislation is more important than re-arranging dinner plans.

Mixed Ability Sports

Mixed ability sports should be rolled out following the success of the rugby world cup tournament in Bingley, an MP has urged Government.