Positive Discrimination

Philip Davies has hit out at the “pure and simple racism” being shown by some media organisations offering internships for non-white people.

Only ethnic minorities can apply for the ITV and New Statesman positions.

Dog theft and fighting

Not enough is being done to tackle dog thefts across the district and to stop them being used for dog fighting, an MP has said.

Job Centre Closure

Staff at Shipley’s job centre which faces closure must be given the choice of where they re-locate, an MP has warned Government.

Housing for ex-offenders

No prisoner should be given more priority over housing than any law abiding citizen, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies demanded assurances people released from jail would not be treated more favourably than other people at risk of losing their home.

Local MP gives alternative manifesto

The district’s only remaining Tory MP has set out what he believes the Party should do to win back a majority at the next election – whenever that may be.

Tougher Rules on Postal Votes

Tougher rules surrounding postal voting could be introduced after an MP said the system was being abused and depriving some women of their right to have their say.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said action was needed to protect the democratic process and ensure one vote per person.

Job Creation

More must be done to create jobs in across the district as Bradford is ranked one of the worst places in the UK for employment opportunities, an MP has said.

Channel 4 relocation

Channel 4 should relocate to “gritty West Yorkshire” to get a better perspective on life and escape the London luvvies, according to Shipley MP Philip Davies.

He said the publically owned Channel 4 which is looking for a new home would be welcome in Bradford or Leeds.

PMQ: Overseas Aid

Claims that spending on overseas aid enhances national security are unfounded – and money should be ploughed into priorities in the UK, an MP has said.

Shipley Election Result

Shipley MP Philip Davies has thanked constituents for re-electing him for the fourth time.

Mr Davies was returned to Parliament with a majority of 4,681 and an increased percentage of votes from 50 per cent in 2015 to 51.3 per cent last week.